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Introducing the 2019 Tiger STEM & Humanities Expo

Not Your Ordinary Science Fair - Introducing the 2019 Tiger
STEM & Humanities Expo 

 Heliotracker Experimental Device

Heliotracker - Device to reduce electricity


As science fairs go, they can be pretty standard - poster board displays with lots of photos, but Little Rock Central High School organizers assure the public that their 2019 offering is by no means ordinary.  In fact, they're calling this weekend's event in the school gym, the STEM and Humanities Expo. Central boasts of one of the state's largest public school science events with hundreds of student exhibits on display. 


The expanded version this year includes hands-on student demonstrations like 11th grader Cali Henson's Heliotracker - a device designed to reduce the electricity

required to move a panel with a small percentage of error when tracking the sun (pictured above), or 10th grader Landon Runion-Driskel's Cooling Mechanism to prevent solar panel hot spots (pictured below).  Students will be on site to discuss/demonstrate their projects and make presentations to subject-matter experts who will serve as judges, Friday, February 1, 9:30-11:30 a.m.   


Other exhibits include:    

  • Photography and English expose 
  • Science Fair, jewelry, art displays

Landon Runion-Driskel's Cooling Mechanism

Landon Runion-Driskel's Cooling Mechanism.


The STEM & Humanities Expo will be open to the public, Saturday, February 2, 2019, noon - 4:00 p.m. Central is located at 1500 Park Street - the gym, recently named the Boone-Fitzpatrick Fieldhouse, is located on the north side of the school.