LRSD Civic Advisory Committee

  • LRSD CAC Final Report, May 2016


    After a consensus among its members, the LRSD Civic Advisory Committee has changed its meeting dates to the fourth Thursday of each month.  This schedule will be followed unless the dates occur during  holidays and graduation ceremonies.  The meetings will be held at 5 p.m. in the LRSD Administration Building, 810 W. Markham.  The role of the LRSD Civic Advisory Committee is to review the progress of the LRSD in meeting established goals to be removed from state authority. The LRSD Civic Advisory Committee will make recommendations for communication of data to the general public and stakeholders of the LRSD.

    Seven zone representatives and two philanthropic organizations were identified to serve on the LRSD Civic Advisory Committee following a selection process in March that included state legislators from Little Rock School District boundaries. A subsequent decision was made to add community member Greg Adams to serve in a co-chair capacity with Dionne Jackson.  These members will help comprise the committee (legislators selected one additional philanthropic organization from the original applicants) that will also consist of two students and two teachers from each of the six LRSD schools with academic distress designations.

    LRSD CAC Statement on Expansion of Charter Schools within LRSD Boundary

    The zone members and philanthropic organizations appointed in 2015 were:

    Zone 1
    Joy Springer

    Zone 2
    Anika Whitfield

    Zone 3
    Peter Gess

    Zone 4
    Dionne B. Jackson

    Zone 5
    John L. Wilkerson

    Zone 6
    Marq Golden

     Zone 7
    Brenda "BJ" Wyrick

    Greg Adams

    Philanthropic Organizations
             Little Rock Public Education Foundation - Eugene Levy
             Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance - Kathy Webb

    Teachers include:

    Baseline Elementary School

    Deborah Cavener
    Latonya Jackson

    Updated Teacher Representation at Baseline as of (September 7, 2015)
    Tamika Jordan
    Nanette Patino

    Cloverdale Middle School

    Brooke Sanders
    Yasmine Butte

    Henderson Middle School

    Sandra Ledbetter
    Tiffani Jones

    Fair High School

    Sharon Jackson
    Fred Dickins

    Hall High School

    Liz Lucker
    Tracy Mason

    McClellan High School

    Seketa Ross
    Deborah Hansberry

    Student Representation

    Two students from each of the six academically distressed schools listed above. 

    The superintendent and LRSD staff will make presentations of data to the LRSD Civic Advisory Committee for consideration. The LRSD will provide staff support to the committee. A written agenda and minutes of each meeting will be posted monthly on the LRSD website. Transportation of the student committee members will be provided by the district. No stipend, salary, fees membership, or travel reimbursement will be provided to committee members.

    Additional information regarding meetings of the LRSD Civic Advisory Committee will be posted on the district's website. 


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