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    Single Sign-On technology allowing teachers and students

    to access everything they need with just one login!

    We are pleased to share that we have adopted ClassLink, a single sign-on platform that will allow teachers and students to use one username and password to access everything they need. Now students have access to all of their classroom applications in one place.  Google Classroom, Micorsoft Office, AMI asignments, Math and Literacy applications are all one click away.  You can learn more about ClassLink at www.classlink.com and see why we feel it’s so important to create faster, easier access to digital education resources that your children need to be successful. 

    classlink student page

    Here is how students access the portal:

    1. Go to this website: http://myclasslink.com/lrsd
    2. Username: firstname.lastname###-first 3 numbers of student ID (ex. john.smith123) Password is Student ID

    ClassLink is a safe, secure way for students to connect with applications and files. The software does not collect or share any personal student information, which is important to us. Best of all, it is very easy to use and will be a great resource for teachers and students.

     Here's how it works:

    There are two types of sign-on. 

    Password Locker

    For resources that do not use the class roster information, Classlink uses a password locker to capture and encrypt the information.  The user logs in once, and the system logs them in the next time they use the application.

    Class Roster

    Some applications use the classroom roster information which allows the students to access the application immediately after logging into Classlink.