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  • Coordinator Health Services: Margo Bushmiaer 
    5240 Mabelvale Pike (Geyer Springs Early Childhood)
    Little Rock, AR 72209
    Telephone: 501-447-7380
    Fax: 501-447-7381


    Be sure your child continues to receive health care insurance from ARKids A and B by renewing thier coverage.  Click on this link for more information.

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    Seasonal  Allergies - Differentiating between Pinkeye and allergies - PDF Link Removed for Accessibility Verification

    Do you have a cold or the flu?  Take a look at this educational video.


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    Who is the School Nurse?

    LRSD school nurses are professional, registered nurses (R.N.s) licensed to practice in accordance with current Professional Standards of School Nursing Practice, as stated by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing. Each Nurse serves as an advocate for children's health and safety within the educational setting. The district has assigned a nurse for a minimum of two days per week at the elementary schools and full-time nurses at all middle and high schools.

    To better serve the students your School Nurse has expertise in the following areas:

    Pediatric, public health and mental health nursing with strong health promotion, assessment and referral skills

    Education and health laws impacting children

    Teaching strategies for the delivery of health education to students and staff


    What Does A School Nurse Do?

    The primary role of the School Nurse is to support student learning.  The nurse accomplishes this by implementing strategies that promote student and staff health and safety.  As the health services expert, the School Nurse serves as the health professional for the school community.  Today's school nurses provide episodic care, manage chronic conditions, track communicable diseases, promote healthy behaviors, connect children with insurance and health care providers, and handle medical emergencies.  They care for students with disabilities and for those who depend on medical devices such as gastrostomy tubes, insulin pumps, and urinary catheters.  And they act as a health care safety net for all children.



    Vaccine Clinic Information

    SW Health Unit has moved in to their new building.  The address is:  8901 Dailey Drive, LR, 72209.
    Immunizations are daily between 8:00 and 4:30.  Phone remains the same:  501-565-9311.