• Forms

    The Professional Development Department routinely uses several forms to record attendance at professional development activities, to allow teachers to access the web in obtaining their professional development history, and to document teachers' attendance at an out-of-district conference and/or meeting. This page lists those forms for your easy convenience and use.

    The forms are as follows with a brief description of each:

    2013 - 2014 Designated PD Days - PDF Link Removed to Verify Accessibility
    This handout identifies the district's 10 required PD days and when they are.

    Revised 2016 LRSD Sign-in Sheet Form - Updated 2016 - PDF Link Removed to Verify Accessibility
    This REVISED form is used to verify the attendance of employees at a professional development activity held in the district and in some instances out-of-district. Employees are to acquire and use a PIN number for easy identification and tracking of acquired professional development hours. This form must be accompanied with an agenda from the workshop/training session.

    Out of District Reporting Form-Revised July 2016 - PDF Link Removed to Verify Accessibility
    2) The REVISED Out-of-District Reporting Form is used to report in-service activities that are non-LRSD. The form should be accompanied with the appropriate documentation supporting the registrant's attendance at the event and should have the supervisor's signature as well. The form should be submitted within ten (10) days after the session has occurred.

    Salary Credit Consideration Form  - PDF Link Removed to Verify Accessibility
    3) This NEW form is used when one desires for professional development hours to be counted as salary credit. Individuals are asked to complete the form and submit it to the Professional Development Department within 30 days of the intended workshop. Click here Salary Credit Explanation - PDF Link Removed to Verify Accessibility to learn more about salary credit for professional development.

    Accessing Professional Development Information - PDF Link Removed to Verify Accessibility
    4) The Site for Accessing Professional Development Hours Form is generated to show employees a step-by-step process for accessing and reviewing their professional development history/hours via the web.

    Online Registration Instructions - PDF Link Removed to Verify Accessibility
    5) The Online Registration Form details how to use the online registration system for registering for district-sponsored workshops. Go to https://profdev.lrsd.org to register and to see a listing of available workshops.

    Act 1309 Form of 2009 (Pre-School PD Form)  - PDF Link Removed to Verify Accessibility
    Act 1309 of 2009 (formerly Act 1185 of 2005) allows teachers to earn up to 12 hours of professional development hours during the two days (August 16th and August 17, 2010)prior to the first day of student contact at the beginning of each school year. The hours must be related to an approved activity related to curricular and instructional planning.
    NOTE: Three of these hours will be earned on August 17th through a required PD session scheduled/provided by the principal in accordance to district agreement.

    Request Form for 15 Hours of College Coursework Credit Toward PD - PDF Link Removed to Verify Accessibility
    7) This revised form is used when a teacher or administrator wants to use approved college coursework for professional development hours. The form must be completed and mailed to the Arkansas Department of Education for approval. Once approved, then the form and an Out-of-District Form is sent to the Administrative Assistant.

    Directions for Creating a PIN Number for PD
     Please call the Administrative Assistant to set-up your PIN number.